Multi-Use Therapeutic Neck Wrap

Multi-Use Therapeutic Neck Wrap


Weighted to treat you to deep pressure therapy to reduce anxiety/stress and calm nerves. It can be placed around the neck, shoulders, lap, or even the chest while laying down. It is designed to stay in place for easy mobility while at work or home. Choose the design and desired weight between 3 lbs (Length: 26 1/2") or 4 lbs (Length: 27 1/2") for your best results.


100% Cotton



1) Heat in turntable microwave for ~1 min (in 30 sec. increments) to relieve tension, pain, soreness, or stiffness in muscles.

2) Place in freezer for ~1-2 hrs to use as a cold pack to relieve aches + decrease inflammation.

3) Experience therapeutic results without heating or cooling. Spray your favorite essential oil for increased soothing effects.

*Spot clean only.



Made in Los Angeles in support of human trafficking survivors.



Help Empower Women Today!

Your contributions will go toward services that help women heal

and reintegrate into society after overcoming human trafficking.

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