Comprehensive Workforce Development

QUALIFIED, a comprehensive workforce development program, trains, mentors, and matches survivors of human trafficking with meaningful and lasting employment. Dwelle partners with Two Wings and Bedrock Creek to bring sustainable employment to survivors of human trafficking in Los Angeles County by utilizing a multi-faceted and holistic approach.

A Collaborative Model

  1. Two Wings: runs and manages all aspects of the job training academy (lecture phase)

  2. Dwelle Collaborative: provides and manages Occupational Therapists who help foster a successful transition from training to workplace (+ beyond) in the "real world" (lab phase)

  3. Bedrock Creek: targets governmental and corporate partnerships to systematically provide our clients with better job accessibility and retention

Transitional OT Supported Employment Program

  • An internship-like experience to launch toward gainful employment 

  • For participants requiring foundational skill + confidence building time due to lack of work experience and opportunities; internship

  • Focus on interpersonal, social-emotional skills + interactions with professional relationships (employers, co-workers) as well as the public

  • Practicing learned soft + hard skills in a safe + supportive environment at a trauma-informed workplace

  • Custom Occupational Therapy Treatment Plan addressing mental, physical and spiritual needs using a holistic approach to ensure wellness in the areas of work, self-care, and leisure 

Do Wellness : Health + Goals Club

Monthly workshops and groups in a safe atmosphere for Dwelle program alumni that facilitates peer support and continued learning opportunities for building healthy lifestyles and networks for successful transition into community.

Occupational Therapy Training + Consultation Services

Providing consultation and developing customized Occupational Therapy-based programs for non-profits, academic institutions, and agencies working or looking to work with survivors of trafficking.

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